Screws & Barrels

Screw Tips's screw tip ring valves have set a standard of excellence for the plastics industry in design, material selection, and machining. These are the valves of choice for plastics engineers were quality is of prime importance.

Tool Steel - Our valves are constructed of the highest quality vacuum degassed, electro-slag refined, chromium-vanadium tool steels, selected for their high wear resistance and superior toughness. These high-purity tool steels have better toughness and fatigue strength than ordinary tool steels, and have virtually no segregations or slag lines which can cause premature breakdowns.

Reusable Components - Separate front seat and valve body provide an important feature. Since the ring front and seat are generally the parts subjected to wear, the valve body and spacer are reusable after easy cleanup, thereby saving a substantial portion of the cost of a new valve. The additional cost savings provided by the reusable components make our screw tips an unusually valuable purchase.